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About John LaIacona

John came to a relationship with God through the words "Jesus Loves You." Revealed to him by a hitchhiker, these simple words changed his life. Dedicating his music to God's cause, he began singing "a new song."

Music Background

At the age of three, John was singing songs for the family. At seven years of age, he began taking clarinet lessons and saxophone at 13. The synthesis of music and spirituality was familiar to him as he was singled out from his sixth grade parochial choir to sing at funerals, baptisms and special services. By his junior year in high school, he was sitting "first chair" in the Concert and Jazz Bands and had performed a solo at the New York World's Fair. While in college, John played in jazz, rock, blues and pop groups to prepare for what was eventually to become an expression of faith and praise of God through music.


After his conversion, John became a member of Emmanuel Music Ministry where he sang for a number of churches, fellowships and coffee houses in the greater Albany, NY area and the northeast part of the country. He performed at the Walter Hoving Home, a ministry of Teen Challenge started by David Wilkerson, and he also performed in Atlantic City at a major Christian conference.

It was about then in 1975 when John began to take the Scripture seriously where it says, "Sing to the Lord a new song" by writing "Family of Friends," his first song. In essence, it was inspired by his father who was playing a few chords on the guitar. John set these to melody and wrote the lyrics. From that point on, he has been blessed with song after song, enough to fill three albums and more, as the Lord gives.

After moving to Columbus, Ohio, more concerts were given at the invitation of pastors and congregations from every Christian denomination. Some of theses included Methodist, Assemblies of God, Catholic and others.

In 1979, John released his first recording, "The Shepherd Calls His Sheep." In 1986, his second recording project was completed and was entitled "Come Now, My Love" inspired by the biblical Song of Songs. In 1992, John released his third album, "Family of Friends — Just Passing Through."

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